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Several years ago, the Strickland Research Group obtained photocopies of early Strickland records in Virginia. Joseph "Joe" Strickland has scanned some of these documents and using Adobe Photoshop has cleaned up the images so that the images could be more easily read. He has started transcribing the documents and is making the images and his transcriptions of the documents available to other Strickland researchers. The process of improving the quality of the images and transcribing the documents is a time-intensive process. As Joe Strickland said, "One often finds many words spelled different ways within the same document in 17th. and 18th. century documents. It takes considerable effort to become familiar with a given writer's hand writing style and manage to decipher these documents. ... It took me many hours, sometimes days of effort to clean up the images after scanning them into Adobe software before I could begin to transcribe the ones I did."

Thank you, Joe, for making these documents and your transcriptions available to other Strickland researchers.

Downloading the Document Files

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Because the files contain scanned images of the documents, some of the document files are quite large. If you have difficulty opening or saving the files by clicking on the links, use the mouse to right-click on the link, then select "Save as" to save the file to your computer without opening the file. Pay attention to where you save the file, then open the file.

Isle of Wight County, Virginia

For the benefit of members of the Strickland Research Group, "Doc #" is the document reference number from the report by Robert Davidson, CG, dated September 2000. The bracketed dates are the dates indicated in the report, but which do not actually appear on the scanned document images.

Doc # Date Description File Links Contributor
2 [9 April 1694] Geo. Williamson vs. Mathew Strickland IOW Court Orders 1693-1695:32 (file size: 862 KB) Joseph Strickland
3 [9] June 1694 Geo. Williamsson vs. Mathew Strickland IOW Court Orders 1693-1695:37 (file size: 336 KB) Joseph Strickland
4 [10] October 1694 Mathew Strickland vs. Katharine Pierce IOW Court Orders 1693-1695:55 (file size: 524 KB) Joseph Strickland
5 [11] December 1694 Mathew Strickland vs. Owen Daniel IOW Court Orders 1693-1695:67 (file size: 803 KB) Joseph Strickland
6 [12 May] 1696;
rec. 9 June 1698
Mathew Strickland [Jr.] to [Henry] Baker, 100 acres of land [partial document] IOW Deeds 1:208 (file size: 1.8 MB) Joseph Strickland
7 30 July 1697 William Strickland and brother Mathew Strickland to Arthur Whitehead, 200 acres on White Oak Branch, Watery Branch and Horse Swamp; William Strickland, Matthew Strickland and "Sampson my Brother", 50 acres on Horse Swamp, Popular Branch, Watery Branch; signed by mark, William Strickland, Mathew Strickland [Two page document separated into two files.]

IOW Deeds 1:311 (file size: 700 KB)

IOW Deeds 1:317 (file size: 623 KB)

[The first page should possibly be page 316, not 311. This document was labeled "Deeds 1:311" by the genealogist in the report, but the second page is labeled "317" on the document. (rc)]

Joseph Strickland
8 29 Oct 1695 (patent);
19 February 1697/1698
William Carver patent for 45 acres for transportation of one individual. William Carver to William Crumpler, 45 acres, witnesses: Wm. Strickling, Jno. Strickling (2 entries)

IOW Deeds 1:318 (file size: 748 KB)

IOW Deeds 1:319 (file size: 775 KB)

Joseph Strickland
9 4 August 1699

Division of the property of Mathew Strickland, Decd., by his sons Mathew Strickland and William Strickland; Mathew Strickland names his brothers William, Jno., Samuel and Joseph Strickland, sons of Mathew Strickland, decd. Land on Horse Swamp, Gum Branch, Watery Swamp, and Blackwater Branch.

IOW Deeds 1:302-303, Images & Transcription (file size: 1.1 MB)

IOW Deeds 1:302-303, Transcription Only (file size: 61 KB)

Joseph Strickland
10 15 February 1699/1700 William Strickland and Oliffe his wife to Arthur Whitehead, 150 acres on Horse Swamp IOW Deeds 1:346 (file size: 633 KB) [The report lists this as Deeds 1:386.] Joseph Strickland
11 8 December 1702 Mathew Strickland to Thomas Boon, 300 acres Lower Parish, bounded by Horse Swamp, Blackwater, Gum Branch, and Arthur Whitehead IOW Deeds 1:398-399 (file size 1.5 MB) Joseph Strickland
12 1 Sept. 1706
7 Sept. 1706
William Strickland and Oliffe his wife to Arthur Whitehead, 60 acres, White Oak Branch, Horse Swamp, adj. Samuel Strickland; William Strickland and Ollive his wife to Thomas Boon, 360 acres, Horse Swamp, Blackwater, Gum Branch; both part of 1803 acre patent to father Matthew Strickland, dated 20 April 1680 (2 Deeds) IOW Deeds 2:46-47 (file size: 1.2 MB) Joseph Strickland
14 24 October 1713 Thomas Boon and Elizabeth his wife to Andrew Griffin, 100 acres, on the Blackwater Swamp, Horse Swamp, and Cypress Branch; part of the 1803 acre patent granted to Mathew Strickland, 20 April 1680 IOW Deeds 2:246-247 (file size: 1.4 MB) Joseph Strickland
38 26 March 1744 Joseph Strickland and Ann his wife of Edgecomb County, North Carolina to Richard Vick of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 238 acres SS Main Blackwater Swamp

IOW Deeds 6:351-353, Images and Transcription (file size: 2.54 MB)

IOW Deeds 6:351-353, Transcription Only (file size: 74 KB)

Joseph Strickland

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