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Jacob Strickland, Granville Grant 1761, Edgecombe County, North Carolina

The documents of the Granville grant to Jacob Strickland were scanned and provided by James Jones and contributed by Carla Tate. James Jones' research specialty is the “identification and positioning of land grant tracts in 18th century Wake and related NC counties.” Our thanks to James Jones for making these images available. The original copies of the grant documents are located at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Land Grant Process

The land grant process in the Granville District of North Carolina (as well as many other locations) consisted of four basic steps - the entry, the warrant, the survey and the granting of a patent. Once a person found land he was interested in purchasing, he applied to the land office to begin the process of obtaining a land patent. This application was the Entry, which was signed by the applicant. The second step was the Warrant, which authorized the land surveyor to survey the land described in the Entry. The third step was the Survey of the requested land by the surveyor. The surveyor created a plat of the land and included the description of the tract. Once the Survey was complete and the required fees were paid, a Patent was granted to the land.

Granville Miscellaneous Records

The Granville Miscellaneous Records (GMR) is a separate collection of records that are associated with the Granville Grants. Records are arranged by county, then by last name of prospective grantee. They typically contain entry, warrant, assignment, sale and other notes arising during the grant process, and copies of certain grant documents, e.g. survey. In cases where the original grant document has been lost, the GMR file may contain a warrant with a notation that a grant had been issued. As nothing may appear in the regular Granville grant series or a patent book, this may be the only record of the grant. All 8,590 GMR documents have been filmed in the Archives multi-reel microfilm series, “Secretary of State Granville Proprietary Land Office Entries, Warrants, Surveys 1748-1763, SSLG 138-219”. Margaret Hofmann has abstracted all of the documents in Vol. 4 and Vol. 5 of her series The Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763, Abstracts of Miscellaneous Land Office Records. (Information from James Jones.)

Martha Strickland as a Sworn Chain Carrier

It is extremely unusual for a woman to be a chain carrier. James Jones indicates this is the first time he has seen a woman chain carrier in the thousands of land grants he has worked with in North Carolina and Georgia.

Carla Tate indicates this is the only record we have found so far for Martha Strickland in Edgecombe/Nash.

Downloading the Document Files

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Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Date Description File Links Contributor
Survey Date -
18 Apr 1761

Grant Date -
15 October 1761
Granville grant to Jacob Strickland, 530 acres on Tar River, and the lines of William Strickland, Richard Bailey, Samuel Carter, Thomas Woodward

Survey (front and back):
  • Source: in Box 27-B, located on microfilm “Secretary of State, Granville Grants, Boxes 25-J – 33-G, Reel # S.108.244
  • Surveyed by and written in the handwriting of William Haywood.
  • Sworn Chain Carriers: Jacob Strickland, Martha Strickland

  • Granville Grant:
  • Source: same as above
  • Note that the signature mark for Jacob Strickland, and the signatures of witnesses, Dun[can] Lamon and Samuel Atchison, are the actual signatures of the individuals.

  • NC Patent Book Entry:
  • Source: in Patent Book 11, page 275, located on microfilm “Secretary of State Land Grant Record Books 1693-1960, Vols. 10, 11, 12, 13” , Reel S.108.160.3
  • This is the official NC State record of the grant.
  • Note that the patent book page identifies it as grant #178, and that it is associated with NC State Grant File #1626. (The file number identifies a grant envelope. For Granville grants, it is typically, but not always, empty. On occasion, one may find a Granville entry and/or warrant document. This envelope [was not checked].)

  • (Source notes by James Jones)

    Granville grant to Jacob Strickland (images)
    (pdf file size: 3 MB)

    James Jones and Carla Tate
    Entry Date -
    22 Dec 1760

    Warrant Date -
    22 Dec 1760

    Survey Date -
    18 Apr 1761

    Grant Date -
    15 October 1761
    Granville grant to Jacob Strickland - Granville Miscellaneous Records (GMR), 530 acres, Tar River, and the lines of William Strickland, Richard Bailey, Samuel Carter, Thomas Woodward

    Entry, warrant, and survey documents from GMR microfilm reel S.108.273

    1. Entry
  • 22 Dec 1760, 700 acres requested, in Edgecombe Co, desired location of the land
  • Note Jacob Strickland’s original signed mark
  • [Hofmann GMR abstract is #1983]

  • 2. Warrant (front)
  • 22 Dec 1760 (same day as entry), to William Haywood, Esq., Surveyor, description same as appears on entry
  • [Hofmann GMR abstract is #1984]

  • 3. Warrant (back)
  • Note that fees were paid, 530 A were located in desired area, “Grant October 15th 1761”
  • [Hofmann GMR abstract (same as prior)]

  • 4. Survey (darker)
  • This is an additional copy of the grant survey in the main Granville file
  • It appears unfolded and is the best microfilm copy of the three available copies
  • ...printed ... from the microfilm slightly darker than normal
  • [Hofmann GMR abstract is #1985]

  • 5. Survey (lighter)
  • Same as above but printed slightly lighter than normal from the microfilm to enable better viewing of the pen strokes used in forming the letters of chain carrier names
  • An examination of the chain carrier signatures reveals that that there is absolutely no doubt that the 2nd chain carrier name is written as Martha Strickland
  • [Hofmann GMR abstract (same as prior)]

  • (Source notes by James Jones)

    Granville grant to Jacob Strickland - Granville Miscellaneous Records (images)
    (pdf file size: 3 MB)

    James Jones

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